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Text Decoder free online. Defining charset and restoring text.

Initial Target Output Text Operations


The program will help to restore the original text, distorted as a result of incorrect coding and make it understandable to the user. Use if instead of a meaningful the text information you see:
  • Unreadable text (on the screen).
  • Unreadable text when you open a text file.


Text in wrong encoding (IBM870): ůÇĆˀĆˀĆ_ˇ?ĘŮ/>ـĆ>Ă?Ę_/ŮĆ?>Œ€ĂÍ%%€?À/€˝ÁÁˇ€ËÁ>ËÁ
Restored original text (utf8): This is important information, full of a deep sense

Features and constraints

  • Restoring the original text by simply copying
  • Restoring the original text from File
  • Work with all popular text encoding
  • Analysis of results from a filtration, and a search of all the possible options for decoding
  • Limitations: Only single-stage analysis and cutting up to 200 characters of text (for faster search)

Full description

The origin of the text unreadable

Unreadable text is obtained by choosing the wrong code page of a text editor or other program, displaying the text content. All data (text, audio, video, games) are stored as binary numbers: zeroes and ones in your device (PC, tablet, phone, etc.). Code page (encoding) the characters and matched them to binary numeric values.In other words, the encoding determines how to display text to the user. For example, we have a text data memory in the form: 01110100011001010111100001110100, when reading their program (such as Notepad), apply to them ASCII encoding (basic set of English characters) and get on the screen: text.
In this way: 01110100011001010111100001110100 + ASCII = text.
This is an approximate description of the principle of storing and displaying text data.

Restoring the original text

First, not any text can be restored. If you see unreadable text, such as: ????????? ? ??????? or Ïâ / Å? Á [, then a text by simply copying from 100 100 to restore will not work. The reason for this are the same as the coding, rather, used in accordance with these coding algorithms playback text information: When a text editor (browser, etc.) can not be found the character corresponding to the numerical representation of a character in the memory, then instead it substitutes any other, more appropriate in his view equivalent. Usually it is a question mark. But (!), If you have the original file with a similar set of gibberish and you have not edited / restore of it in such a way that data recovery is still possible. There is also an alternative way of the recovery of broken text through reverse base, representing snapshots cache broken choices of the source text with a fixed state transition of encodings pairs with reference to the original text.


Text decoder is a completely free program. Like any other program, it has its drawbacks: the author is grateful to you, if you notice them, report them, for later removal.
Good luck!)

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