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Tools for working with text.

Text coder/decoder online

Text coder/decoder allows you to restore the original text based on unreadable set of characters. Receiving the input string to be analyzed gives the user one or more conversion options, on the basis of which it is possible to determine the correct version of the original contents of the string of text. It has several options input of the source text: in the form of a text string, or by uploading a file to the server. The second option is preferred, since in this case does not require emulation incorrect coding, thereby increasing the probability of successful recovery text speed of output.

Text decoder

Base64 coder/decoder online

base64 format is extremely useful and is unique due to its ability to provide any data in the form of text content that allows you to send a binary file at least on paper. The most valuable use of base64 found in the implementation of the protocol reception and transmission of e-mail messages: sent in their attachments are encoded in this format.

Base64 decoder

Url coder/decoder online

It allows you to encode Url, as well as edit it in the original representation. Format Url, according to defining its specifications, has a very limited set of characters to represent. To expand the range of allowed characters used Url format, where each code prescribed specific character.

Url decoder

Html entities coder/decoder online

Encoding and decoding html entities is conducted to the output in the browser on a particular set of code representation of symbols. This may be necessary, for example, to display characters included in a html document control constructs.

Html entities Decoder

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